After 16 years and 13,000 visitors (not counting repeats)

Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa is closed but

 we have an AirBnB with clothing-optional pools at our home. 


Judy and Jeff 2003

Judy and Jeff 2019

We (Jeff and Judy) acquired the Kismet Lodge building in Desert Hot Springs in August of 2003 and restored and reopened the property in November of 2003 renaming it Living Waters Spa.

Kismet Lodge / Living Waters Spa

From our opening day in 2003 to our selling day in September 2019 we had people from all walks of life and professions and every state in the US and all major world continents come and experience what LWS became famous for: pure mineral water pools, magical massages, and an unparalleled clothing-optional experience.  It was our joy to help Americans learn that being nude isn't being lewd.

We were called one of the Top 10 clothing optional resorts in the world and named among the Top 25 Small Hotels in the USA four years in a row by We were featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, The Tennis Channel, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Ellen Degeneres / and others.

Jeff and Judy 2003

Jeff and Judy 2019

We have opened up an AirBnB with clothing-optional pools at our home.  If you have a date in mind but find the booking calendar is full, drop us an email and we'll see if we can accommodate you. Email us (address below) with your dates. BTW, we only open up dates less than 2-3 months out.

Living Waters Clothing-optional Mineral Water Spa